MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – In 2018, Midland was ranked the second-fastest growing city in the nation by WalletHub.

Despite the pandemic, the city is still growing at a steady rate, according to Sara Harris, the Executive Director of the Midland Development Corporation. 

Although unemployment is current at 6% in comparison to 2% in 2019, Harris says they project Midland will grow at an average rate of 2.5% over the next decade which means the Tall City could hit 230,000 people by 2030.

“It’s a good steady growth rate and it is manageable. It’s just when you’re in the boom and the bust cycle that it seems unmanageable but if you average it then you can get a better idea of where the city’s been and where it’s going to be.”

So if you live in the area and are worried about overcrowding, city officials say you shouldn’t be too concerned. Mayor Patrick Payton says he also wants to take a slow and steady approach to Midland’s growth. 

“We need to make sure our growth is consistent, it’s in the right places, we’re keeping up with roads and taking care of those roads and the sewers and water the way we should. If we just react then we’re going to hurt ourselves.

When it comes to development around Midland in the coming years, Mayor Payton will also  be looking at issues concerning younger generations relocating to the Tall City.

“I read an article the other day that said Midland was ranked number five of the top five cities where millennials were looking to relocate, and two of their biggest concerns were education and quality of place. So we have to pay attention to that, not just this year but in the long road ahead.”

As for attracting new people, officials see a lot of opportunity within the budding aerospace industry. 

“There is tremendous possibility for growth in this sector in terms of investment interest and in terms of the needs of national security and research. I think it’s up to Midland to show that we have a lot to offer and that we can help attract and capture some of that investment in some of those jobs,” said Harris.

Midland is typically known for attracting people for work, so a big goal right now is making Midland a place people are excited to live, of course, while keeping it’s small town charm. 

“We’re seeing a shift of ideas toward viewing Midland and this area as a sustainable area with a lot of potential for the future and not just some place that can be used and exploited and then left after the minerals are gone,” said Harris. 

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