Midland pastor takes on #metoo movement


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24) – With domestic violence awareness month coming up, one Midland pastor is hoping to educate young men on how to treat their romantic partners. Pastor Douglas Lamb with Fannin Terrace Baptist Church in Midland, wants to help make the world a safer place for women.

“One of the key things that came to my mind, was just by heartbroken I was by the stories I was hearing of the things that were happening to some of these women,” Lamb said.

Following the #MeToo movement, Lamb published a book titled ‘Men and #Metoo’, hoping he could play a role in making a safe environment for women.

“It also deals with domestic violence, date rape, human trafficking,” Lamb said. “Basically I’m trying to counter a culture of violence against women.”

The book focuses on teaching men, how to treat women in relationships, but Lamb said his book isn’t geared towards just the male audience.

“It’s really for everyone to read to kind of get everybody tracking in the same direction,” Lamb said. “These are some expectations we should have on ourselves, as individuals and collectively as a culture”

Lamb said he hopes the lessons from his book will reach further than just West Texans.

“I have no aspirations for fame what so ever, that is not my goal in this,” Lamb said. ” My goal is to make the world better for women and make the world a safer place for women.”

According to Lamb, a great rule of thumb is to think of the important women in their life, when deciding how to behave and speak towards them.

What we need to learn to do, is take that idea of what we want for our family and then act that way towards the women who are apart of our lives.”

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