MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A Midland man is still recovering in the ICU after he was involved in a bad motorcycle accident on highway 191 last weekend.

Sunday night around 8 o’clock, Midlander Joshua Keith was riding his motorcycle on highway 191 when high winds caused him to loose control and crash his bike on the side of the highway. He was taken to a Lubbock hospital, where he continues to receive treatment.

Those close to him said he is still heavily sedated. After the crash, Keith was left with two broken legs and a fractured skull. He has had one surgery so far to set his legs and will have to undergo at least one other surgery. As of right now he is responding to verbal remarks, but he himself cannot speak and can barely open an eye.

His friends, along with many in the community hope, while Keith continues to get better, that his story can shed some light on motorcycle safety awareness.

Keith’s best friend, Gilbert Ellis, said he and many of Keith’s friends ride motorcycles all the time and never thought twice about the dangers, until now.

“You ride for so long, you know, everything it hunky-dory, and it doesn’t really come to mind, about the wind, so hopefully it will help people remember of all the other factors that play in other than just the traffic around you,” expressed Ellis.

Another friend said they know many people in the area who ride bikes themselves and now are terrified of what could happen the next time anyone decides to ride.

“It’s a disbelief, it’s scary. It’s, you never think, oh it’s not going to happen to someone I know, and then you get that feeling oh wait, it did happen, so it’s an uneasy feeling,” said Keith’s friend, Theresa Jones.

Ellis said the outcome could have been much worse, but right now everyone is just waiting and praying for a speedy recovery.

“He needs to hurry up, get back out here, everybody misses him. Definitely, he’s one of the best, one of the best guys I know,” said Ellis.

Andrew Hageter, Vice President of a local motorcycle club, Throttle Zone, said critical and deadly motorcycle accidents are happening all too often. He only hopes as tragic as these stories are, they bring some awareness to those on the road.

“Us as bikers as well, we’re trying to get together and realize that hey you know we have people on the road that just don’t pay attention, so we’re trying to make an awareness of everything,” added Hageter.

Hageter and friends are setting up a fundraising event this month to help raise money for not only Keith’s medical costs but for families in the area that have also been affected by tragic motorcycle accidents.

“For all these people that drive, that don’t drive motorcycles, I’m gonna try to get something together for letting them know that us bikers are still here, that you need to watch out for us, that we have families at home,” mentioned Hageter.

If you would like to attend the fundraiser and help donate to the local families affected by motorcycle accidents, the event is called Legends Never Die. The plan is to have a carwash and car show. The event will take place on June 12th, from 2-6 pm at the Cross Roads Church in Odessa.