Midland Moms on a Mission to Remove Superintendent Orlando Riddick


Midland Moms on a Mission are calling for Midland ISD Superintendent Orlando Riddick to resign. 

The group has been active in Midland for several months, even voicing their concerns at various MISD board meetings. 

“We’ve been starting from the bottom and working our way up and that’s obviously not working so I think we need to start from the top and go down and remove the filth,” said Dani Shepard, Co-Creater Of Midland Moms On A Mission,

Now they are taking the conversation further calling for the resignation of Riddick in a petition posted on Change.org

“Midland community members are requesting for the resignation of Orlando Riddick, Midland Independent School District Superintendent in Midland, Texas,” the petition reads. “After nearly a year of leadership, Mr. Riddick has failed to optimally perform in the following areas, which are a part of his contractual obligations as the head of schools MISD.”

“As a superintendent he should be more acquainted with his teachers, principals, parents whose children are going through this kind of stuff. Just show some compassion and that is absolutely not what he does so we are hoping he will step down,” said Maddie Linsicombe, Co-Creater Of Midland Moms On A Mission,

However, the petition does not stop with the resignation of Riddick. Organizers are also calling for the removal of “specific leaders and employees” under his leadership, although none are specifically mentioned in the petition. 

“Maybe this will light a fire under his butt and make him do something finally, speak up, we want to hear you talk. Talk to us we can help you, we can be your best resource,” said Linsicombe.

“Its not bullying anymore, it hasn’t been bullying for a long time and I get that bullying is a part of childhood and every kid gets bullied every once and awhile but that’s teasing or being called names. They say its an imbalance of power, these kids are assaulted. Our kids are assaulted,” said Shepard.

The petition also lists a number of concerns the group has with the district, which include the departure of several employees, school safety, corrupt leadership, mistrust with the community and poor communication. 

“Prior to the request, Mr. Riddick was given numerous opportunities to rectify our concerns and make progress toward meeting the goals set forth by the community at large,” the petition reads. “He has willfully disregarded community input and student needs to save his position and those serving under him.”

As of Tuesday night, the petition had more than 260 signatures. 

Riddick officially began as the MISD Superintendent a little more than a year ago.

With the petition rolling, Linsicombe hopes to get a response from Riddick after multiple unanswered emails.

“I am waiting still for you to respond Mr. Riddick,” said Linsicombe.

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