Midland Mayor strongly encourages residents to wear a mask and social distance


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Midland Mayor Patrick Payton has no intention of putting a mask requirement in place, however, he did stress the importance of slowing the spread.

In a press conference Thursday he said everyone should be wearing a mask and social distancing. Other medical officials added that the case numbers we are seeing now will affect us for the next few weeks.

“So after a few conversations with the hospital, a few conversations with the heath department it’s obviously become clear we are going to have to return to a discipline of some behaviors that we practiced together as a city,” said the Mayor.

Russell Meyers, the CEO of Midland Health said, “If you are in public, if you are among other people especially if you are going to be there for a while you should have a mask on. It’s tough to do that if you are having a meal we recognize that but that’s about the only time that  it makes any sense not to be masked.”

The hospital is currently restricting hospital visitors to slow the spread and officials said we will be dealing with the ramifications of the current spike for a few weeks but how we respond now can help flatten the curve for months to come.

Dr. Larry Wilson, the Chief Medical Officer of Midland Memorial Hospital said, “This trajectory has been astounding, last week we were averaging a little under 20 patients a day that were testing positive and this week we have been hitting the 40’s.”

“Everything that you do if we get perfect in our behavior starting tomorrow the acceleration is going to continue for the next two to three weeks then we will begin to see a nator, or a leveling off and begin to see a decrease,” said the Doctor.

According to the Mayor, he has been speaking with several retailers, restaurants and bars that will now be asking patrons to wear a mask when they enter their establishments.

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