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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/FOX) – As you can imagine, the Coronavirus battle is even more intense at nursing homes. So, a man who works at Manor Park in Midland wrote a special song to encourage the community. A song, honoring our front line heroes.

“You cannot listen to that song without shedding a tear,” said Robyn Boyd, Life Enhancement Director at Manor Park.

“It touched my heart that he wrote that for all of us here,” said Melissa Mattson, Transportation Driver at Manor Park.

Monty Elliott is the man behind the music. He’s also the music minister and activity director of Manor Park.

Elliott said, “When I wrote songs, and I make my music, I like to make people feel what I’m feeling.”

He wants healthcare workers to feel appreciated.

“I’m not just talking about nurses and doctors,” said Elliott. I’m talking about maintenance men, housekeepers, the cooks. Everybody that’s working in that facility is our heroes.”

A simple sign and their own wall of heroes inspired the lyrics.

“I feel like if I can lift somebody’s spirits or make them smile, I’ve done my job,” said Elliott.

“We’ve been struggling with the Covid-19. Ge came into the office one day and said I have a couple of lines for you to listen to, a couple of lines of the song,” said Boyd. “It just so happens that very day, he had to be quarantined because of possible contact with somebody who had Covid-19, so he had to go home for 14 days.”

Fortunately, his possible exposure was just a false alarm. But it gave him time to finish his special song.

“Breaks your heart because it’s so true. We have to be thankful to our first responders and our health care workers,” said Boyd.

“Music is good therapy, and all of us have little talents that can bring smiles to everybody’s face,” said Mattson.

You can watch Elliott’s song in its entirety on YouTube.

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