MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf announced that 39-year-old Armando Sauzameda Mendoza, of Midland, was sentenced Thursday to 65 years in prison for the offenses of Sexual Assault of a Child and Indecency with a Child by Contact. A jury found Mendoza guilty after two days of testimony and a three and a half hour deliberation.  After hearing evidence Tuesday and Wednesday, the jury found Mendoza guilty after about three and a half hours of deliberations.  

The evidence presented in the case showed that the 16-year-old victim traveled with Mendoza and his family to the lake.  After returning to Midland, Mendoza started giving her and his teenage daughter alcohol in an attempt to get them intoxicated. The victim and Mendoza’s daughter then went to the daughter’s bedroom to sleep; shortly after his daughter passed out, Mendoza came in and digitally penetrated the victim.  He also groped her breasts and forced her to touch his gentials.  The victim texted a friend to come get her and then made a report to law enforcement immediately.  DNA found on a vaginal swab taken during the Sexual Assault Exam matched the defendant, Nodolf said.

Normally, the range of punishment for Sexual Assault of a Child and Indecency with a Child by Contact is two to twenty years in prison.  However, the State enhanced the punishment range for Mr. Mendoza with a previous federal conviction for Intent to Distribute over 50 kilograms of Marijuana out of New Mexico.