Midland man charged with felony stalking


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- A Midland man has been arrested after violating a protective order and stalking his ex-girlfriend. 

Monte Ladale Gray, 59, was arrested earlier this week and charged with stalking, a third-degree felony. 

Around 6:59 p.m. June 3, Midland Police responded to the 4600 block of Wilshire for a vehicle check. According to an affidavit, dispatch told the responding officer the woman requesting the check “has a protective order against the father of her kids”. 

The victim told the officer that Gray parks his car near her home and walks up and down the street near her home on a “daily basis”. 

Further, the victim told police she is afraid because Gray owns multiple rifles. According to the affidavit, Gray was ordered to turn in all his weapons when the protective order was issued, but he did not. 

The affidavit says Gray has been charged multiple times for stalking and harassing the victim. 

He was charged with harassment in May of 2020 after Gray told his victim he had set up a Verizon profile that allowed him to see all the victim’s texts, emails, and phone applications. At that time, Gray also threatened to publish private information. Gray told his victim he knows everything she does and when she does it. 

In June of 2020, Gray was charged with stalking after he followed the victim to HEB and tried to hit her car with his. 

Additionally, Gray was charged with stalking two other times in 2020 for driving past the victim’s home and leaving notes on her car and for following the victim when she was driving. 

The investigating officer wrote in an affidavit, “Due to the repetitive violations of protective orders and continued stalking, I am requesting arrest warrants for stalking. Monte’s disregard for the protective orders in places (the victim) at risk of bodily injury, serious bodily injury, or death”. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or abuse by a significant other, free resources including shelter and counseling are available with the Crisis Center of West Texas. To learn more, call 1-866-627-4747. 

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