MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Abraham Suarez Rocha, 28, has been arrested and charged with two counts of indecent exposure, according to an affidavit. 

Around 4:00 p.m. on December 30, an officer with the Midland Police Department responded to the Midland Park Mall in the 4500 block of N Midkiff after a woman called 911 to report an unknown man was committing a sexual act in the parking lot. The woman told dispatch a man in a white Nissan was masturbating in his vehicle and that he had called her over to his window and had asked if she wanted to watch. 

Investigators found Rocha on the northwest side of the mall and stopped his vehicle. Rocha was identified by the witness and was detained for questioning. According to an affidavit, Rocha admitted to the crime saying, “it was all a joke” and that he does it “to get a serotonin release” and to “feel good”.

Rocha also admitted to doing the same thing earlier in the day in the parking lot of HEB. At that point, investigators called dispatch to see if anyone had reported a similar incident at the grocery store. Police then contacted the victim from HEB who told them Rocha had called her over to his car while she was unloading groceries and that she had seen his genitals while he was sitting in his vehicle.