MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland man was arrested late last month after he allegedly assaulted the mother of his child. Jayden Thompson, 23, has been charged with assaulting a pregnant woman. 

According to court documents, on September 30, officers with the Midland Police Department responded to the victim’s home after she called 911. The victim said she was four and a half months pregnant and had just been assaulted by Thompson. 

While on the way to the victim’s home, additional officers stopped a vehicle matching the description of the one Thompson was in when he left the scene and detained him pending an investigation. 

Other officers responded to the victim’s house where she said she’d invited Thompson over despite having a restraining order preventing him from being near her. She said while they were on the couch, she texted her boss to say she wouldn’t be at work the next day and Thompson got angry with her for texting. The victim stated that Thomspon tried to snatch her phone which led to a physical altercation. 

The victim said Thompson grabbed her by the arms and pushed her toward a kitchen wall and hit her until she fell to the ground. Thompson then grabbed the victim’s phone as she tried to call 911 and threw it against the well where it shattered, she stated. 

Thompson then reportedly got into a vehicle with his dad and drove away. Once in custody, Thompson was arrested and taken to the Midland County Law Enforcement Center where he was later released on a $21,000 bond.