MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Texas Safe Schools week is underway, and Midland ISD is using the occasion to highlight continued updates and enhancements to the district’s ongoing safety and security efforts. In the past year, MISD has installed additional card readers and security cameras at campuses districtwide. These improvements greatly strengthen security overall.

MISD also is in the process of applying shatter-resistant film to all exterior entryway windows and glass doors. This prevents glass from shattering when punctured by a bullet or direct force such as a bat or metal bar. This measure is part of a new state mandate meant to protect students and staff from shattered glass or a person attempting to break into the building.

Another new state law requires thorough safety audits twice a year. MISD says it has taken the initiative in integrating these audits into the maintenance schedule, to include inspections of all exterior doors to ensure that they function correctly and lock securely. Additionally, MISD is in the process of updating all exterior door locks to ensure that all exterior doors remain constantly locked.

In another important upgrade, the district’s phone system has been modernized to identify specific locations (room numbers) when someone dials 9-1-1. This advancement would facilitate a quicker response during emergencies.

MISD says it has seen “outstanding” compliance with background checks for campus visitors. This screening process involves cross-referencing government-issued photo IDs against a sex offender registry, providing an added layer of protection for students and staff.

“It’s imperative that all departments work together on these safety initiatives,” said MISD Chief of Police Scott McKown. “The police department, campus staff and technology all play vital roles in enhancing our security measures and ensuring safety for all students.”

Campus leaders have also mastered the Crisis Go Emergency App, which plays a pivotal role in the emergency preparedness and response plan. The district says this technology allows for swift communication and coordination during critical situations.

“We remain dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Allen. “The enhancements we’ve implemented, along with safety drills and other proactive measures, demonstrate our commitment to creating a safe space for students to learn and staff to work.”