Midland ISD calls emergency meeting


Midland I.S.D. called an emergency meeting Tuesday afternoon after reports of on-going threats by an Abell Jr. High student.

Jennifer Carpenter filed a report to the school district last week regarding a student making threats to her daughter and those at Abell Jr. High.

“The students are so desensitized with school shooting and they’re thinking that it’s a joke, but it’s not an okay thing to joke about. My heart stopped,” said Carpenter.

She said the student was not taken out of school immediately, but after making another threat. “They told me that after looking into it that they didn’t see a credible or immediate threat, and that my documentation from my son and the other students that spoke to them, the threats were not recent enough.”

Carpenter turned to Facebook to express her concerns. In less than 24 hours, her post received an overwhelming amount of support from other Midland parents. Many of them offering their empathy. “I’ve been receiving messages and comments on Facebook about how this has happened to their kids and how it wasn’t handled properly.”

“I kind of familiarized myself with it. I said it’s happening again, and it saddened me. I cried. I couldn’t believe this was happening again,” said Esmy Juarez. Juarez says she has been disappointed in the past with the way the school district handled her son being bullied.

The school board called an emergency meeting at 1pm in the Midland I.S.D. Administration Meeting. There, President, Rick Davis, stating, “Abell administration and MISD police thoroughly and promptly investigated all the evidence and found that there was not a credible threat to the campus, students, or faculty.”

Prompting those in the audience to question what constitutes a “credible threat.”

“The police department looks at all the scenerios in regards to what makes a credible threat go to a level of what we would call a terroristic threat,” explained Superintendent, Orlando Riddick.

However, the school board made the decision to remove the student from campus given the current campus environment, and for the well-being of all parties involved.

“If they can prove that they followed proper procedure and policy for the district, because whatever is in place is not okay,” said Carpenter. “I know there’s good people out there, but we need the other people just thinking that they can put it under the rug and kind of get involved,” added Juarez.

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