Midland home destroyed by fire


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- A two-story home on the corner of Walnut Lane and Jackson Street in Midland caught fire Wednesday night. According to the Midland Fire Department the initial source of the fire came from a tree in the home’s backyard. The flames eventually spread through the home which has been deemed a total loss.

Stephanie Santos lives next to the house that caught on fire. Santos says she was running errands with her family when she learned of the fire. Stephanie says she and her husband Omar Santos received video messages showing the flames. As soon as they saw the magnitude of the situation they rushed home in a panic. They also began receiving phone calls from friends who had seen the fire and were concerned about their property.

Upon arriving the first thing Stephanie saw was her home dumpster on fire. The fire was so big she says she could not tell what else on her property was on fire.

Omar Santos described  the fire as three stories high. He says that the firefighters spend a lot of time trying to contain it. At some point the firefighters had to connect hoses to a fire hydrant three blocks away from the burning home.

“They had to use at least 200 foot hoses and connect them to every fire truck to get the water to over here,” said Omar.

The Santos’ home was left with minimal damage compared to their next door neighbors whose home was consumed by flames. Omar says he did not notice the damage to his home until Thursday morning.

“A guy from Oncor told us yea man look it even melted the siding of your house and I did not believe it until I turned around and I was like wow that’s crazy,” said Omar. “I am just glad that flames did not catch our tree because if it would have caught our tree then it would have definitely caught the house.”

After living through this experience the family is thankful their neighbors weren’t home at the time of the fire. “Houses can be replaced people can’t,” said Stephanie.

The owner of the destroyed home did not want to be interviewed but she did confirm that nobody was in the home during the fire.

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