Midland hits 150,000 in population


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – According to the city’s census data, Midland’s population officially reached 150,000 thousand people. This growth in population could mean a number of things for the city of Midland.

The Executive Director of the Midland Development Corporation, Sara Harris says that over the last decade the population has increased by 38%. As the community grows, the city is prepared to accommodate an expanded population.

“We’ve made a strategic goal to invest in midland’s infrastructure to make sure that there are new roads and new drainage systems available and in place,” said Harris.

Many newcomers that we spoke to say that they are here for work and hope to stay.

“Work brought us here… I mean I think we like just the small community feel so if that can stay around.”

People who live in Midland tell us that those who are moving to the area are coming for jobs and find this area to be a good place to raise a family.

Factors like these could be the reason why Midland has grown so much in population over the last few years.

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