MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – MISD a school district with more than 26,000 students hosted its school tours this week to give parents and families an opportunity to check out some of the unique programs each school has to offer.

Students we spoke to say that from college readiness programs to career-based projects, being able to host these school tours allowed the public to see what makes Midland high and each school in the district unique.

Midland High student council member Nathen Ivy shared what being a part of MISD means to him and why more people should come tour bulldog territory.

“When they come they see the history behind it and why it’s important and why we love being bulldogs, I mean it’s what we’ve grown up with and now that we’re here I think it’s important that we are able to tell them why it’s important to be a bulldog and why it’s important to have a tradition,” says Ivy.

For students and parents who want to learn more about the various campuses that Midland ISD has, they’re able to schedule a tour anytime during school hours by calling the front office and making an appointment.

More information about MISD and the programs each school offers here.