MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — A huge congrats is in order for one local school.

The Midland Christian School Band competed Monday in the TAPPS State Marching Band contest in Waco. They came back home to the Tall City— State Champions!

10 different marching bands from across the state competed at this competition.

Not only did the band receive a 1st division rating, they also ranked first, being named 2022 TAPPS State Marching Band Champions!

We compete against all the five and six schools and taps. There are about 40 schools that are 5A and 6A schools sent bands to this competition. And out of all of the five and six A schools we came in first,” said Kevin Broome, Band Director and Fine Arts Director.

The Mustang Band also won this contest back in the fall of 2019. Including state concert contests, this is the band’s fourth state championship in the past 4 years.

“Feels great. It feels wonderful. It’s just excellent validation for these students and the work that they put in all semester. This year’s show is title letters from a prisoner of war, and it’s dedicated to those who have served in the military. I actually just lost my father at the beginning of the school year and we buried him on the first day of school. So it was difficult for me emotionally to to work on this show. But the students did an amazing job. It just feels good,” said Broome.

Director Broome compared the competition as the private school version of UIL. Where students compete in marching band, solos, ensembles and full band competitions

‘We start in fifth grade here and they’ve worked tirelessly for years to get to this point. And by the time they get to high school, they’re there on autopilot and they know what to do,” said Broome.

Broome says a win is great, but watching them succeed and love music is an even better feeling.
His students were happy to bring the win home their senior year.

“It was one of the best feelings after last year. We ended up in second and it was a feeling of defeat. So this year we knew we had to work harder and and the feeling that we won this year was probably outstanding. And it was probably one of the best feelings I’ve had,” said Hunter Hamilton, Tuba and Drum Major.

“Felt really good because last year we got second and that didn’t feel good. And two years ago we won and it felt good to get back there,” said Mason Hamilton, Band President and Trumbone player.

Students said they often started practice at 7:15 most mornings to prepare for the competition.

It was really nerve wracking. But like, I feel like we were really prepared enough to where it’s kind of like we’re going to do good. So obviously after we won, it was a cheerful moment,” said Flute player, Lydia lee.

“I don’t know. I feel like it’s really, really satisfying just to be able to just just know that you and your friends work this hard and you get to enjoy this moment together. This makes me really, really happy that I guess I’ve been friends with these guys since like fifth grade and I just get to move along to all these competitions. And finally, a senior year is just the pinnacle of excitement. When they said, welcome christian band,” said Trumpet and French Horn Player, Dylan smith.

“I was very excited because we lost last year and so I had a lot of motivation going into this year to get first and to not let them beat us again and then having it beat us again,” said Mie Weaver, a Percussionist player.