As temperatures in Midland County go up, hitting triple-digits today, oil production goes down. 

According to the Railroad Commission of Texas, Midland County is ranked number 2 for barrels of crude pumped for the month of March. 

That ranking, landing Midland County behind Karnes County, for must crude pumped across the state. 

We stopped by the Permian Bain Petroleum Association today to speak with Executive Vice President, Steve Robertson, who explained that while Midland County came in second place, both counties have seen an increase in production,

“Karnes County really came big on production in the early power of the two-thousand-teens. I think the last time that Midland actually produced more oil in the county than Karnes did was 2011, since that time, both counties have really increased production.”

However, Robertson says in comparison to last year’s numbers, Midland County is producing more oil in the early months of 2017 than in 2016, while Karnes is producing less.