MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – With 110 days until the general election, Midland County Elections Office is working around the clock to get people living in the community, their entity redistricting cards.

A recent news release from the Midland County Elections Office stated that MISD, the City of Midland, and Midland Memorial Hospital have all finished their redistricting. As of today, Midland County Elections Office will be mailing new certificates to all of those who are affected by the changes.

Currently, the Midland County Elections Office has nearly 24,000 cards being sent out over the next few days and wants to alert voters that if they happen to receive a card, take notice if their district has been changed.

The news release states that voters would have gotten a new certificate back in January that reflected the County precinct changes, but the local entities had a later deadline.

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