Midland City Council District Two candidates hold a forum


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24)- As another year begins Midland voters are eager to hear what a new District two City Council Member will do for them. The seat was formerly held by John B Love III who gave it up to run for the US Senate. Now, there are three candidates ready to take his place.

District 2 Candidates: John Norman, Adrian Urquidi, and Steven Villela

“With me coming in here and talking with these different relationships that I’ve built from CEO’s of companies in district two, CEO’s of companies all over Midland I believe I’ll have a great opportunity to work with these guys and get things done over here,” says John Norman.

Steven Villela says he wants to serve because he is in touch with the district and knows his neighbors.

“With my skill set it allows me being a consultant, safety consultant, risk assessment is one of my biggest things so analytically just understanding what needs to be done, what processes may need to be changed,” adds the third candidate Adrian Urquidi.

All three of the candidates naming things like infrastructure, affordable housing, and keeping up with the boom as things that need to be addressed.

Norman stressing the importance that Midland builds “on the things that we do have going good here in district two that will create jobs, that will create affordable housing, that will create repairs to our failing infrastructure.”

Villela telling voters he wants to improve the “roads, parks, and our infrastructure for our drainage for when it rains in district two.”

Uriquidi saying “we’ve had some good development but we want to build on that good development you know medical facilities things that district two also lacks we want a better quality of place and I think that starts with diversifying district two.”

The special election will be held on January 28th, 2020.

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