Midland Chamber session brings motivation


MIDLAND, Texas(Big 2/Fox 24)- At some point or another, everyone’s procrastinated before.

The Midland Chamber of Commerce gave a base for ways to tackle that problem this year.

Nellwyn Barnett, Executive Vice President of Chamber Relations, says to start off, pick the most urgent and important task, but don’t think of it as one piece.

“A lot of times people will look at a monumental task,” Barnett says. “And it’s a little overwhelming and we don’t know where to begin. So by breaking it up into bite size chunks, it’s a little more manageable and a little less intimidating, and a little easier to get started quite frankly.”

Barnett says there’s different ways to keep track of your projects, whether it be by hand on notebooks or through apps online.
“The big thing is to just stay organized with it,” Barnett says. “And to find whatever organizational tool works for you.”

One of the options for an organizational digital app.

A big factor in completing tasks is to stick to the rules you make.
For instance, if you say you’ll complete your research and you can treat yourself for a well done, don’t cheat and get the treat halfway there.

Barnett says to strategically manage your time, it’s important to prioritize when others can make a pit stop for chit chat.
“You get to be in charge of your time table, and it is OK every once in a while to say no, and to do so firmly, yet friendly.”

Some tips to help you succeed through tasks from Barnett.

Something you can start daily to maximize your time is to have a ritual to pick out clothes the night before, or to pack your lunch early.

To look further at the next Growth to Greatness event, visit their website here.

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