MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Midland Animal Services hosted an open house Tuesday with two goals in mind: giving the community a chance to meet some new faces and finding forever homes for deserving pets. 

Melissa Griffin-Hobson and Fire Chief Charles Blumenauer were recently tapped to oversee the shelter after public outcry prompted by animal deaths and euthanasia mishaps. City leaders said the problems at the shelter were compounded by the sheer number of strays in the area; now, Blumenauer said he wants to see something positive come out of all the investigations and retraining of animal shelter staff. 

“That is the ultimate goal, for us to find a home for every animal. Seeing the animals in the meet and greet, completely happy and loving on their potential new owner, it’s heartwarming,” Blumenauer said. “These dogs are looking for a forever home and so are the cats and they’re all loving animals…they didn’t ask for this.”

Blumenauer said if you are looking for a pet, adopt, don’t shop.

“They have more heart.”

If you’d like to visit the shelter to find a furry friend for your family, visit this website to see a list of adoptable dogs and cats.