Meet Matt Reyes Galindo, running for MISD Board District 1 seat


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) — With November coming, people are beginning to annouce their intentions to run to change the MISD Board of Trustees. The seat Galindo is running for has been occupied by James Fuller for 32 years. He is one year younger than that.

“I’m not worried about the boards reputation… and I know that sounds awful, and people need to understand – I’m not doing this for the title, I’m not doing this to be apart of an elite group. I’m doing it because our kids deserve better.”

Matt Reyes Galindo

He says his passion to run came after the board canvassed the past bond, knowing over 800 votes were unaccounted for.

But not a single person actually stood up and spoke out and said this is wrong and we shouldn’t go along with it. I knew then that was the time I needed to do something.

Matt Reyes Galindo

Another point Galindo emphasized was getting the community invovled, and not asking them to come to MISD, but MISD going out to them.

And that’s what we have to do moving forward. To work with the community, and find ways of improving these schools with them. We can’t just sit back and wait for the community to come to us, we have to meet them where they’re at.

Matt Reyes Galindo

Below is the full interview with Galindo, and a link to his Facebook page, where he encourages community members to reach out to him to keep transparency for his plans if elected.

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