Meet a Remarkable Woman protecting the unprotected


MIDLAND, Texas. (KMID/KPEJ) Karla Warren has dedicated her career and the past 28 years to protect the unprotected, starting in Child Protective Services (CPS) and then working in Adult Protective Services (APS).

“It’s a job that I love and go to every day and feel like I am making a difference,” said Warren.

Warren now serves as the Program Administrator for APS and spent the past 10 years focusing her efforts on investigating allegations of neglect, exploitation, or abuse for the elderly over 65 or disabled. She serves the Permian Basin as well as counties in the San Angelo and Amarillo area.

People know CPS, but APS, some people don’t even know. I think our adults and our disabled are the forgotten community which is why I think that I am so passionate about it. We are all going to age, and we can’t forget about those, that are not as young and active as they were before. So I feel like our work is important because I don’t want these individuals to feel like they are forgotten.

Karla Warren / Program Administrator, Adult Protective Services

Karla Warren is not only a remarkable woman, but one of our finalists in the Permian Basin nominated for her commitment to her community, family, and staff.

Karla is absolutely amazing, and one of the things I respect about Karla is she cares about you as a person. I was just a worker, and she was the program administrator, and you don’t meet each other. When I met her, it was like running into an old family friend. That was one of my very first impressions of her, and since then, that’s the one thing I admire the most about her is that she makes you feel like she’s always known you. She has your back, and she there if you need anything.

Melissa Galloway / Home Supervisor for Region 9, APS

As a mother of two who are now young women, Warren knows the challenges of being a working mother.

“Be gentle with yourself. It’s hard to do it. All my girls are adults now, but when they were younger, and I was traveling a lot with my job, it was hard. I think that you were always here and there, and it felt like you weren’t doing anything completely as good as you could do. But I think you just have to be kind to yourself and do the best you can,” said Warren.

She encourages working women with young children that it gets better and easier over time.

I’m so glad I stuck with it now and I feel like I can look back now and see what I accomplished, and I am so glad that I went through what I did to get here.

Karla Warren / Program Administrator, Adult Protective Services

When it comes to helping your elderly and disabled neighbors Warren said you can keep an eye out for them. She said don’t be afraid to get involved.

“If you are friends with an elderly person, maybe something suspicious is going on. Maybe someone is in their house that is usually not there or a little too involved with them. Call us and make a report. I think that’s important,” said Warren.

People are very routine, and especially as we get older, we get in our routines. If you see something that you normally are not seeing and no longer see these people, it’s ok to make a report and check on them to see if something is going on.

Karla Warren / Program Administrator, Adult Protective Services

To learn more about ways to prevent negligence, exploitation or abuse visit Adult Protective Services. You can also call the APS Hotline 1-800-252-5400 or

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