ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Due to the city water disruption, Medical Center Health System is implementing the following procedures and updates immediately:

  • Wheatley Stewart Medical Pavilion, Family Health Clinics, and ProCare clinics are closed
  • HVAC and lab services should function as normal
  • Dialysis procedures are curtailed for emergencies only
  • All surgeries/procedures for Tuesday, June 14 are cancelled
  • Nutritional services will be converting to paper plates immediately
  • Bottled water will be distributed by staff to the floors
  • Port-a-potties will be set up on campus

The Emergency Department is open and will remain open throughout the water disruption. However, they request that people limit their visitation during this time to avoid using limited supplies.

They are also in the process of bringing in fresh water and supplies to the hospital from external sources. MCH states that it is unnecessary for the public to bring any water resources to the hospital at this time – “we will reach out to the public if we need anything”.