ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Flames ripped through L&L Manufacturing Business in Odessa Friday afternoon and in a matter of minutes Owner Larry Hulsey watched most of his life’s work burn to ashes.

Hulsey told us that the fire started as a small flame in the corner of a workspace.

“It started in the back of the room and I grabbed like 4 fire extinguishers to try and put it out but it was just too much, I didn’t have enough fire extinguishers to take care of it”, says Hulsey.

Odessa Fire Rescue was dispatched to L&L Manufacturing Business before the flames spread through the entire lot.

Larry Hulsey has worked in the manufacturing business for more than a decade and never expected a fire would nearly destroy parts and blueprints he relies on to run his company.

“I said oh my gosh that’s our livelihood that’s just going up so quick so that was the hard part because a lot of people that work here and do things depends on it and we’re all just sitting there going oh my gosh will the fire even stop”, says Hulsey.

L&L Manufacturing sends mechanical parts to several electrical companies across the state and after the business went up in flames, this has affected some of the companies the manufacturing business works with.

“All the electrical companies that do work on the power poles, electrical poles. all of them pretty much use me to repair their stuff”, says Hulsey.

According to Odessa Fire Rescue, the fire was put out within 15 minutes and no one was hurt physically, but Hulsey did suffer from smoke inhalation.