Marine overcomes PTSD, helps other veterans through Mighty Oaks Foundation


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – About 20 veterans die of suicide every day. A Force Recon Marine who has experienced the devastation of PTSD is making it his life’s work to help others.

Chad Robichaux survived combat with many stories to tell. He was in special ops in Afghanistan. One day he was chased by the Taliban.

“Probably my most vivid memory is the passenger stepping out and he had an AK47 in one hand and he was really cool and calm. Shut the door. Put his hand up for me to stop my vehicle. I aimed my vehicle toward theirs and hit the gas,” said Chad Robichaux, founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation.

He survived that only to find his own personal war at home.

“I suffered with some of the same things that many of our warriors suffer with today. Diagnosed with PTSD. I was dealing with debilitating panic attacks, depression, anxiety, a near divorce in my family, and a real battle with taking my own life. Actually, I attempted at taking my own life in 2010. Before I actually made a decision to get well,” said Robichaux.

His wife helped him beat depression by asking him how he could be so discplined in the military, but not fight for his family.

“There were a lot of things that played a role in me getting better. The most significant for me was the restoration of my faith,” said Robichaux.

And that turned his life around when medication and counseling didn’t work.

“I began to find restoration in my family, in my own brokenness, I began to find hope for the first time in a very long time. And I found what I wanted and needed most and that was purpose,” said Robichaux.

When he got well he decided to help other veterans in pain. He started the Mighty Oaks Foundation. He wanted to pay forward the solutions he discovered.

His biggest advice: Never make a permanent decision to a temporary problem.

The Mighty Oaks Foundation helps veterans heal. For more information on the resources it offers, click on the link below.

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