Man in Pecos arrested after three active pipe bombs found in home


One man is now in custody after the Reeves County Sheriffs Office found an active pipe bomb in his home. But that wasn’t all.

“He told us there was three more, three more pipe bombs,” said Sheriff Art Granado. “So we stayed away right until the bomb squad arrived, and they did the search and he wasn’t lying about it, there was three and one incomplete.”

Sheriff Granado says they received support from the Odessa bomb squad, FBI and the ATF division out of El Paso.

Once cleared, the sheriff’s office booked Ernesto Salvador Perea in the county jail, and charged him with bomb making, a federal crime.

“I’ve seen it now, I figured this only happened in big cities. But apparently I guess we are a big city, and it’s happening here now,” said the Sheriff.

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