Man arrested after breaking into Midland homes


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Midland Police have arrested a man accused of breaking into homes last month. 

Jose Eduardo Fernandez Salas, 29, has been charged with Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Assault, as well as Criminal Trespass by Entering a Habitation. 

Around midnight on July 29, officers with MPD were dispatched to a home on south Terrell Street after a call about a man breaking into a home. The victims told police an unknown man wearing shorts and an orange shirt entered the unlocked back door of their home. The homeowners told police they were sitting in their living room when the man, later identified as Salas, entered their home. The victims said they told Salas they were going to call 911 if he did not leave. According to an affidavit, they said Salas initially froze, but then kept walking further into the home. However, when he realized the homeowners were serious about calling the police, Salas left without incident. 

While searching for Salas in the neighborhood on Terrell Street, MPD received another call about a man fitting that description breaking into a home on Mineola Street.

Those homeowners, a husband and wife,  told police they had been asleep in their room when they heard glass break. According to an affidavit, the husband went to try and find out what glass had been broken when he saw Salas in the hallway. The husband told police Salas told him not to call the police and then grabbed him by his arms. The homeowner told police he started wrestling with Salas to try and keep him from getting into the bedroom where his wife was sleeping. 

When police arrived at the home on Mineola Street, they found Salas and one of the victims in the yard. Salas was arrested and taken to the hospital for injuries he sustained when he broke through the window.

While at the hospital, Salas tested positive for cocaine, the affidavit stated. When questioned, Salas told police earlier that night he had had around 12 beers at another Midland home but could not remember where that home was located. Salas told police the home was full of “undocumented Mexican natives” and that they were demanding money from him. According to the affidavit, the unnamed illegal migrants were asking for large sums of money to take Salas to Dallas, and then on to South Carolina. Salas told police he was trying to get to South Carolina because he has family there. He told police he had no money left, was exhausted, and had broken into the two homes to try and find help. 

It is unclear from the affidavit if Salas is a US citizen, or an illegal migrant, but Salas did tell police he was unfamiliar with Midland and didn’t know where he was. 

A mugshot is currently unavailable. 

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