Lottery Fever in West Texas


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- The Powerball Jackpot Lottery drawing took place on Saturday night with the Grand Prize totaling an estimated $635 million.

The Powerball Grand Prize is the sixth largest prize in the game’s history and and the tenth largest in U.S. jackpot history.

The massive potential winnings have West Texans thinking big about what to do with their prize should the right numbers go their way.

“I’d probably consider quitting my job.” , “Run with my passion. Invest it into the music.” , “Probably just retire.” , “Get out of my own house. Get a company going.” , “I have a baby coming in a month or so and it’d be a little extra bonus.”

The newfound wealth would give lottery winners a chance to explore more of the world and travel.

“Go to Spain. Go to Europe.” , “West coast. I like history, like the battlefields.” , “Europe, Switzerland, Paris.” , “Europe… Germany”

Winning a fortune this big is certainly great. But what good is that fortune if you have nobody to share it with?

“I would probably get all my family together, give two million dollars to everyone that’s eighteen and above. The ones that are not, I’d put a college fund for them or something to look forward to for their career.” , “Parents probably would get a good chunk of it.” , “I’d try to help out my mom and my dad more than anybody, other than my wife.” , “Anybody that needs help. Anybody in the streets. Anyone to locals, to blood drives, to nursing homes.” , “Help an association. Donate something.”

The Lotto Texas drawing also happened Saturday night and is worth an estimated $20.75 million.

Both drawings took place on Saturday night at 10:12 pm.

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