‘Look at those open windows’: MCH CEO says open windows offer visual on COVID-19 toll


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Medical Center Hospital CEO Russell Tippin is asking anyone wanting a true visual of the toll COVID-19 is taking on the people of Odessa to drive by the hospital and look for the open windows.

“If you drive by Medical Center Hospital anytime look at the main tower on both sides. If you see one of those windows open…every window that’s open, there’s a COVID patient in there,” Tippin said. 

Hospital staff are opening the windows to create a negative pressure environment. The idea is, the bad air is forced out, the good air is welcomed in.

“When you drive by this hospital and that main tower, when you start looking at how many of those windows are open with air flowing in and out, you will be shocked. This is just a visual of what is going on in our hospital,” Tippin said. 

Tippin says each on of those windows represents a real person who is incredibly sick.

“Drive by here and get a good look at how many of those windows are open and how many people are fighting this and how many families are dealing with this,” Tippin continued. “We beg you to use your common sense. Wash your hands, wear your mask in groups. Do your homework on the vaccine.”

While doctors say the vaccine is not a guarantee against infection, it does offer protection against severe illness and hospitalization. 

As of Thursday afternoon, MCH had 89 coronavirus patients in its care. 

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