Longroad Energy partners with Facebook to bring a solar farm to Andrews


There’s an increasing need for clean energy in today’s market and Longroad Energy is bringing us one step closer.

”We’re excited as can be to start actual work in Andrews County and to get the Prospero project up and running,” says Longroad Energy CEO Paul Gaynor.

The project will bring  more than $21 million in property taxes and more than $12 million will go to Andrew’s ISD.

According to Gaynor ”there’s a big demand for electricity because of all the oil and gas production that’s there and it’s a great resource to be able to satisfy that demand.”

As to why they chose Andrews? ”Andrews County is a great spot for solar development. First thing you need is a great solar resource and then the second thing you need is access to electricity and both of those things exist in Andrews County,” says Gaynor

”It’s been a great opportunity for us to bring it all together we’ve had some great partners along the way.”

Gaynor says what makes this project unique is having Facebook as one of their investors. ”They’ve been a great partner, becoming an investor in a project is hopefully the first of many.”

Energy Strategy Manager at Facebook says in a press release quote ”we’re excited to be one of the first companies to use a direct investment to meet our renewable energy goals.”

A similar goal for Longroad Energy’s other investor, Shell Energy North America

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