You can hire the UTPB choir for Christmas events. They are fundraising for their invitational trip to Mexico. The students say caroling is a fun way to raise money.

I think this is the funnest way possible to fundraise because singing is what we do it’s what we love to do so being able to do this for the community is an honor and a privilege for us.

Abigial Vinson, Junior at UTPB

They have been invited to “Voces de la Paz”. This will be their second straight year going to Mexico.

This is a cultural exchange. Anytime we can understand what our brothers and sisters on the other side of the border are doing and their culture it makes both of our cultures richer. It’s a huge deal because very few choirs are invited in this way. It’s a mark of excellence. It say that what we are doing is nationally and internationally significant

Dr. Frank Eychaner, Director of choral and vocal studies at UTPB

It will cost about $150 a person for the trip.

A quartet is $250, an octet is $500, and a “large group” is $1,000. To hire UTPB’s choir for a Christmas event, contact Frank Eyechaner at or his cell phone at (303) 875-5499