Resolution to recycle this year


In recent years there’s been in uptick in citizens wanting to recycle.

“It is amazing you know how our community is wanting to do the right thing by recycling,” Keep Odessa Beautiful Executive Director Claudia Ortega says. “But the important thing too is to recycle right.”

The main mistake is not knowing exactly what can be recycled.
What may be the biggest surprise is that if you’ve had food in the plastic, you can’t recycle it.

“You know like your tomato sauce or stuff that they put in the plastics, “Ortega says. “You already contaminated those plastics and they go straight to the trash.”

Plastics go in the green containers and cardboard in yellow, once they’re properly broken down.
“Right now, we can only recycle plastics 1 and 2,” Ortega explains. “So they need to get familiarized with what plastics 1 and 2 are.”
This includes detergents, bleaches, and milk jugs to name a few.

Odessa only accepts PETE and HDPE plastics as of yet.

With the holiday season slowing down, you can help keep your old TVs and furniture in good use by dropping them off to the household hazardous waste facility on 42nd Street so others can reuse them.
“It still has more life,” Ortega says. “So we still want to use them instead of them landing in our landfills.”

The Household hazardous Waste facility is where you can drop off tree limbs and appliances and furniture to help reuse.

Workers at the Odessa Recycling Center on 42nd Street say there’s problems with contamination because they put different products in the same bag.
Keep Odessa Beautiful is working with the Odessa Arts this year to improve the community and have artists wrap recycle bins to make it easier to recycle.

The Odessa Recycling Center on 42nd Street, where you can chat with employees to make sure you’re making the right decisions with your recycling.

If you want to get started yourself in recycling, you can bring your items to the recycling center and they can tell you exactly what can stay and what can go.
For the full list of recycling centers and more details, visit

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