MAF to hold TSA Pre-Check Event


MIDLAND. Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Flying just got easier at Midland International Airport, but you’ve got to take advantage of the program. The TSA will be having a pre-check event for people to register starting on June 21.

Justin Groce says he flies out of MAF two times a week and has seen his fare share of long security lines.

“Early in the morning 5 AM or so, Friday morning they have long lines usually,” Grace said.

For the first time this year TSA will allow local flyers an opportunity to skip long lines by applying for the TSA Pre-Check at MAF. Flyers who have enrolled say it has saved them time.

“Well it’s just easier to get pre checked, you don’t have to get take you shoes of you don’t have to take your computer out,” said Dereck Burelle

“The line is a lot faster when there’s you know there’s a 30 to 45 minute wait you can get in within in five or ten minutes,” Grace said.

The application costs $85. After successfully completing a background check flyers can stay enrolled for the next 5 years.

Passengers say this could also be helpful when they’re on a time crunch.

“If you are already short on time or your flight is about to depart and then you have to stand in a long line to get through TSA that can make for higher anxiousness,” said Sandra Akins.

And since flyers can soon register in Midland some passengers say they plan to take advantage.

“I am definitely thinking seriously about it, if I’m going to be doing any flying,” Akins said.

To register for an appoint visit the TSA Pre-Check website.

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