MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – If you live near Midland you may be wondering what happened to the Costco that was supposed to be built near the intersection of Highway 158 and Highway 191 by October 2020.

ABC Big 2 reached out to the City of Midland to get an answer. A spokesperson said while it’s not out of the question a Costco will come to the area, it’s not a guarantee.

Right now Costco is still looking at Midland as a potential location but the city’s economic conditions are a driving force in making this project happen.

However, the city’s sales tax information is still not showing recovery from the pandemic, though officials say numbers are expected to improve within the next 30 days.

We spoke to local shoppers and the majority of people are excited for a Costco to come and disappointed by delays due to the pandemic.

“I went ahead and got a membership for Costco. I was excited,” said Megan Dorfner.

Others are hoping for Costco would help ease crowds at other similar businesses like Sam’s Club.

“The parking issues are especially difficult. The parking lot seems so small. I think adding more grocery stores is necessary if Midland continues to grow,” said Kristin Rampton.

Richard Moore lives outside of town so he’s says Costco would make it a lot cheaper and easier to stock up on the items he needs.

“I think it’s wrong, they need to be here. We can only come into town like once a month so we stock up and usually when you get here they don’t have what you want.”

The City of Midland said it is committed to getting a Costco. They are working with Costco and sending them necessary information like housing permits, census data, and sales tax information.

Costco declined to comment on the future of a Midland location.