How the president’s executive order could impact the basin


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24) – More relief is on the way for Americans in need. Pesident Tump is annoucing plans to provide Americans more finiacial relief during the pandemic.

While this order would extend uemployment benefits at a reduced payment, economists here in the basin said this will help as many locals are still out of work.

“Our folks out here in West Texas and Odessa, they want to work,” Wesley Burnett, Director of Economic Development at Odessa Chamber of Commerce said.”Hopefully this is just a tool that they have in order for them to get through a rough patch and get back to work.”

The Presidents executive order would provide the unemployed $300 from the federal government and $100 from the state. But Burnett said it may take some time before locals see any money if congress decides to push back.

” I would think if the executive order went through then it would hopefully sometime this month, so that those could trickle down into the offices where those funds are available.” Burnett said.

While this lower payment will take away a disincentive for people to go back to work, Burnett said it may not be enough for some.

“Is $400 or $300 enough? You know I think that it’s a fair amount,” Burnett said. But that’s all on each individual case by case whether that’s enough or not.”

Mickey Cargile, CEO of Cargile Investments said he doesn’t see congress trying to stop President Trump’s order, as many here in the basin are in need of some financial relief.

” Remember we have a lot of people out here that would move and take jobs somewhere else,” Cargile said. “Except for the pandemic,there are no jobs anywhere else so they’re stuck here and those are the people we have take care of.”

But Cargile said the biggest way West Texans can fully get back on their feet, is when we can get a hold of this pandemic with a vaccine. But he’s optimistic the economy will go back up again whatever of the outcome may be.

“Even without those, you can’t stop the American capitalism,”Cargile said. ” It will find a way regardless of the hurdles we have to overcome.”

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