Foster Children Helping the Homeless


Teenagers with no permanent home wanted to help those with no home at all. Complex Credit Union speaks regularly to these kids in foster care to teach them life lessons like how to apply for college or how to dress for a job interview. This lesson was about giving back.

“Our goal is to give them the best opprotunity to go out there and be productive citizens, get jobs, have families and see their dreams come true”.

Judge Tracey Scown, Child Protection Court of West Texas

The children made 100 blessing bags for the homeless. Inside were life essentials, but also something extra.

The bag not only has essential needs in them, but it has a letter it has a note from some of these kids who they themselves have struggled or had some difficult moments in their life but are now having some positive notes but also some great gestures.

Myra Aranda, Marketing coordinator Complex Community

Some of the kids said these lessons are very valuable, and that they are happy to give back.

It makes the world go round to make someone’s day. Everyday you wake up to try and better yourself so help other people better themselves as well

Jeremiah, 16 years old

Anything small, like smiling at a stranger or holding a door would make someone happy.

Jasmine, 13 years old

While the kids learn a lot from these lessons, we can still learn a lot from them.

One of the greatest things I’ve been able to experience is seeing young adults discover the power they have in themselves and that is so rewarding. It’s why i get up every day.

Myra Aranda

Judge Scown says today’s lesson is extra important for the teenage kids. Statistics indicate that they are more likely to get into criminal activity, or even become homeless themselves.

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