Fire breaks out in Midland oil fields


A fire in Midland County injures one Thursday. The blaze broke out a little after 11 a.m. in southeast Midland by FM 307 and Fairgrounds. One oil field worker was injured in the blast. The person is expected to be alright.

It was a frack tank and a hot oiler, they were treating. That is what caused the initial accident.

Chief Blumenauer, Midland Fire Rescue

After trying to move the hot oiler out of the way from the fire, a hose ruptured, spewing fuel on to the ground. This caused the flames to run towards Midland Fire Engine 3, which caught fire – and is now gone.

Normal training from rookie school on… if theres nothing to risk, we are not going to risk anything. The vehicle was already on fire, there was nothing for us to save, so the best thing to do at that point in time was to protect themselves.

Chief Blumenauer, Midland Fire Rescue

As many as six of the 13 tanks were on fire. MFR was actually at a drill at the time. But Chief Blumenauer says they still acted timely and responsibly.

Half the town was across town already working on a hazmat type incident where we are training – a chlorene incident – for training purposes. So this was not the normal crew that would be here at this area. It was an ambulance from acros town and also an engine not in this district that is normally here beucase they were doing that hazmat training. No one would have ever expected that hose to break, and send fluid acorss the ground. That is not somethign we expect to ahppen at that point in time our guys did a good job of maintaining safety and taking care of eachother.

Chief Blumenauer, Midland Fire Rescue

The scene has been declared safe and businesses are back open and functioning.

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