Local Veteran’s reflect on their time in service


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Veterans Day is a day to honor and recognize those who served and are still serving in the Military. Local Veterans in Odessa spoke to us about what Veterans Day means to them.

Cold War Army Veteran, Paul Ortega told us that Veterans Day is more than just saying “Thank you for your service”.

“As far as helping a Veteran, you’ve got to get to know them, If you’re really trying to do something for a Veteran you ain’t got to go full scale,” says Ortega.

Air Command Veteran Donnie Labombard, shared that the military had a huge impact on who he is today.

“If it wasn’t for the military I don’t know where I’d be today because I got my discipline from them and they taught us how to live with or without,” says Labombard

The owner of Louie’s in Odessa and founder of Louie Tijerina Foundation, Louis Tijerina, said that although he didn’t serve, he’s seen firsthand the toll combat takes on another person.

“There are other experiences they have seen that they have felt and still carry with them today. We choose to call it PTSD but I think we should call it pain,” says Tijerina.

After speaking to several local Veterans, they told us it feels good to know their sacrifice for this country doesn’t go unnoticed.

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