ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) Everybody loves a good deal, and at one Odessa thrift shop, you might be able to find plenty.

Inside Yard Sale Thrift Store on Field Street near Meadow Avenue you can find a lot.

“Books, cook books, everything like that, and because they go so well together, I got a shoe and movie room,” said in a joking way buy owner John Karpinski.

Yard Sale Thrift Store also sells jewelry, clothes, glassware, and much more.

John started this business in October 2020 after he got laid off from what he says was a stressful oil field job. Now his thrift shop is in a former oil business office.

“I got tired of collecting unemployment and not having anything to do,” said John. “I thought what better way to dispose of all my savings and my retirement than open my own store.”

As you can tell, John has quite the sense of humor. He says his stress levels have plummeted, and he loves what he does.

“It’s just easier to laugh at things, and not worry about it. Make a joke, stop being angry at the world.”

John finds his stuff through various online and in-person auctions. He also has deals.

“My special right now is $250,000 for any one item, and everything else in the store goes with it,” said John.

So whether you’re looking for a deal, or just to talk to a person with a sense of humor, Yard Sale Thrift Shop may be for you.

“I do have a store motto and I’d love it if everybody would follow it. My motto is, you should buy that.”

John also makes his own custom shirts that have a lot of humor on them. Click here to check out “JohnK Designs.”