Local pharmacy sees an uptick in vaccines


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- With a spike in Covid-19 cases in the Basin, more people are getting vaccinated. Shavoinca and Brian Meyer say they have seen an increase in people coming into Sunflower Rx to get vaccinated.

The Meyers say they opened Sunflower Rx in Odessa just a few months before the pandemic hit last year. Shavonica shared with us that when they first opened, it was scary to drive to work and see no cars in the street.

“People were not going to the doctors people were not filling prescriptions it was hard to let people know we were here,” says Shavoinca.

Shavonica says that two months ago they were administering only about 10 shots a week. Amid the increase in cases in the Basin, they are administering more than 15 vaccines per day.

Shavoinca believes that more people are seeking to get the vaccine because they are now realizing the severity of the virus.

“They think that maybe their natural immunity has worn off and others are losing family members now,” says Shavoinca. 

The Meyer’s say it’s often that people who come into the pharmacy share stories with them about the reasons why they have decided to get the vaccine.

“This lady came in earlier this week and she said she lost her mother. They decided to not get the vaccine together…and she lost her mom.” Shavoinca said.

Even with the increase of people getting vaccinated, there are many people who still have doubts about the shot. Brian says the majority of those doubts stem from people being unsure of what’s going into their bodies. As explained by Brian, the vaccine itself has coding information (mRNA) that helps the body create a spike in protein so that that body can fight off the virus if it ever comes in contact with it.

He says another misconception about the vaccine among people is that the vaccine causes severe side effects. However, Brian said he is vaccinated and that most people who have received the shot don’t feel side effects for that long. “It is just a day or maybe two but people have a little tiredness, headache, and sore arm that is it,” says Brian.

SunFlower RX offers the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines. The Meyers say vaccines are free, no medical insurance is required and it only takes approximately 20 minutes to get the shot, 15 of those minutes are reserved for them to monitor you before you go. They say no appointment is necessary.

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