ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Today, millions of Americans honor the late civil rights leader Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. for his contribution to racial equality. Here locally, organizations are celebrating the day by honoring his life through parades and other events taking place.

The Black Cultural Council of Odessa hosts its very first “Freedom Parade” to honor the life and teachings of Dr.King. President JoAnn Davenport Littleton of the Black Cultural Council of Odessa says that many of Dr.King’s teachings can be used in our daily lives.

“He stood for peace, he wanted unity, he wanted love, he wanted us to take the high road, not the low road and with everything that’s happening in our community and our world today, if we ever needed to adhere to his words it’s right now,” says Littleton.

The Black Cultural Council of Odessa’s “Freedom Parade” kicks off at 1:30 pm this afternoon at Interstate 20 and South Dixie in Odessa. Over in Midland, people can participate in the 35th Annual Symbolic March will be hosted by the Midland African American Roots Historical Cultural Arts Council at 4 pm starting at Tilden and Walls Street and ending at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.