West Texas lotto fever

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Odessa, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/FOX 24)- The Powerball is worth $685 million, and some West Texans say they’re excited for the drawing.

“I bought a ticket for the Powerball, finna get rich,” says El Paso resident Manny Acosta.

Acosta says he buys a lotto ticket every week, and he’s hoping to win big.

“Buy my Mom a house, buy myself a house, give a lot to charity,” says Acosta.

It’s easy to dream about what to do with such a big amount of money. It’s so enticing to some, that people who don’t regularly buy tickets took a chance for this jackpot, like Eubaldo Ramos.

“Every time I see that big, big number I’m thinking man what would I do with all that,” says Odessa resident Eubaldo Ramos.

But Ramos has it pretty well figured out.

“Family, pay everybody’s debt. And you know, of course a big vacation and I’m trying to get married next month and I would make a dream wedding for her,” says Ramos.

And of course, travel is a common answer.

“I’d go everywhere, first I’d go to Italy, then Paris, Rome…,” says Ramos.

According to Powerball’s website, the cash value for this jackpot is estimated to be $485.5 million.

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