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APM Research Lab: What do Americans think about gun policies?

MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- Extreme risk protection orders, ERPOs, most commonly known as “red flag laws.”

“Tighten the laws on assault weapons, military-style weapons and especially large capacity magazines I think that would go a long way to ending the frustration, ending the tragedies,” says Steven Schafersman with Midland County Democrats.

Most Americans in a recent APM Research Lab poll are in favor of police or family seeking a court order to temporarily take away someone’s gun if they feel they are at risk to others or themselves. The poll stating that “77% of Americans support family-initiated ERPOs while 70% support ERPOs initiated by the police.”

Midland County Democrats saying that “government: State or the local or federal government taking someone’s property is legal if there is a warrant or a court order.”

Others in West Texas open to a solution but unsure if red flag laws are it

“When we talk about ‘red flag laws’ we are talking about somebody being able to call up and say “hey I’ve got an inkling that this guy might be a threat.’ I don’t think there’s a way you can do it quickly that still satisfies those due process requirements,” says Sk Arms worker Danny Anderson.

One thing all agree on is that they would feel more comfortable if it was family making the claim.

“Worst case scenario where somebody on facebook reports you and then the government comes and takes your guns away, I don’t think it will be anything that bad. There probably will be some reasonable restrictions like ‘oh it’s just your family’ or any number of things that you could think of,” says Anderson.

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