GREENWOOD, Texas (Nexstar) – Some Greenwood homeowners are worried after a string of crimes in the area, over the past several months.

LaTane Phillips has lived in Greenwood for several years and she says she’s had no problems in the area, until a vandalism happened in her own driveway.

“It was really shocking and scary and sad then you just don’t feel safe anymore,” LaTane Phillips says.

She says she went to sleep just like any regular night – but on Thursday night into early Friday morning, she noticed something different.

“It was 6:30 in the morning it was dark outside I came out, got in my truck, and that’s when I noticed all the glass that I was sitting on,” Phillips says.

She says her windshield was busted in with a giant rock nearby. Phillips says that truck is her only means to get to work, so she did what she had to do that morning.

“I turn on the light and I thought a tree branch had fallen out of the tree I didn’t really have time to get out and investigate I just made sure I could see to drive and went to work,” Phillips says. “All the way got sprayed with glass but later when the sun came out at my client’s house, I went out and look and over on this side I noticed the dirt that matches the rocks down here exactly then you could see where someone had bashed in.

Phillips says she’s lived in the country to avoid city crimes like this one, and went to the Nextdoor app to let other homeowners in greenwood aware of what happened to her.

“I love living out in the country. I love knowing my neighbors I grew up with these people and and I’m worried for everybody,” Phillips says.

There are a few ways to ensure safety in your own home:

  • Buy a surveillance camera and put it in strategic places around your home.
  • Get a pet to guard your home area.
  • Have visible home security signs around your property.