U.S. Rep August Pfluger holds town hall in Midland

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MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – U.S Congressman August Pfluger held his first in-person town hall at the Bush Convention Center on Monday.

A big talking point during the town hall was the newly opened migrant holding facility in Midland.

People were packed inside the Bush Convention Center to hear Pfluger’s stance on immigration.

Barbara Wyrick is one of many who had questions about the Midland migrant facility that opened more than a week ago. She hopes something is done to make sure the area is safe.

“There’s so much going on now that we have to get involved. The bringing in of the teenagers from the border without telling anybody is just wrong,” Wyrick said. “I hope (Rep. Pfluger) has a plan to move them out. It’s dangerous to have so many young men together.”

Congressman Pfluger listened to many people’s concerns during the town hall. While there’s no plan to shut down the facility, he’s still trying to get answers from the federal government.

“We have yet to receive a response from the department on questions of why Midland was chosen, how long are they going to be here. and what are they doing for COVID protocols,” Pfluger said.

And Midland leaders have questions as well. District Attorney Laura Nodolf submitted an open records request to the congressman, asking the government to give more information to local leaders on how the migrant facility will be operating.

“We deserve to have answers to those questions and I shouldn’t have to resort to an Open Records Request because I’m not the first one to ask those questions,” Nodolf said.

As for people like Wyrick, she hopes Congressman Pfluger will help the Midland community get those answers.

“I think in Texas we’re pretty lucky to have the kind of government that we have,” Wyrick said. “I would just like to see more people getting involved.”

Pfluger says he will do what he can to answer questions and help the community. He’s encouraging people to reach out.

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