TX Dot discusses new road plan in Winkler county

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ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- After growing concerns about the roads West of Kermit, Tx DOT has decided to do something about it.

“On the West side of Kermit we are going to take 302 over the railroad and also over highway 115 and so this project will go to bid in May 2020. Sand mines in the area, oil field traffic it’s all west of Kermit going from 302 out to 285,” says Tx DOT official Gene Powell.

Powell says, currently, the intersection of 302 and one-15 is not a square intersection making it more dangerous for commuters.

Powell says that the project has already been met with welcoming arms.

“We’ve talked to some people in the area already, we know that it’s a widely supported project that will help relieve some of the congestion out there on the west side of Kermit so this is a procedural meeting we have to have because of the federal funding mechanism.”

Powell says although this is a good thing with big changes comes a big price tag.

“It’s got a federal build grant attached to it for $25-million and we expect the total project to cost around $40-million but we won’t know a total price until the bids are open. We’re lucky enough to land the grant so we’re going on with the program, with the project, as fast as we can.”

According to Powell, the project is still in the phasing stages.

“The phasing is still being determined we’re still developing the project. It will be a lengthy project for sure with this much work to be done.”

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