ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – A large fire in West Odessa gave one family a scare Tuesday afternoon.

“When I opened the door to the house I noticed the fire was already in my storage burning and then I noticed a fire behind it, and I told my mom we need to get out because it’s going to burn the house,” said Luis Escueero.

The fire began behind the house and began encroaching on the family’s home when they noticed it.

According to Odessa Fire and Rescue, the shed and two RV units behind it caught fire. The fire spread half a block.

“There’s no injuries reported here. We will have crews on scene for an extended amount of time, just the amount of debris in the area that’s smoldering we’re going to have to have crews here for fire watch,” said Quentin Dobermier with Odessa Fire Rescue.

Escueero said the family did lose some belongings in the shed, but he is just thankful his family was not hurt.

“I mean things could happen like this, what matters is lives,” he said.

Odessa Fire Rescue is still investigating the cause of the fire.