TURKEY, PIE & A WEDDING RING? Midland shoppers reveal items on their last-minute grocery list

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Last-minute shopping is underway as Thanksgiving nears.

At the Market Street grocery store in north Midland, shoppers came prepared with lists. Others came to the store just to pick up a few items.

“Salad stuff, because you know, got to do something healthy…”

Shopper Wendy Dutton is reading her grocery list. She’s got wafers in her cart for her homemade banana pudding. All the ingredients for sandwiches are also in the cart. She explains that’s for all the folks who want to ‘graze’ at her family gathering tomorrow.

“Well, we have the turkey, and we’re doing the dressing, and all the fixings,” Dutton says. “By tomorrow, when it’s time to eat, we’ll be ready.”

Wendy is just one of many shoppers who are getting ready by buying the necessities for a proper Thanksgiving meal.

Just like any other holiday, food is a big deal. That means, most people are getting the same items.

“I was able to mark everything off. The only thing I couldn’t find was the cranberry sauce. Not the whole, but the jelly ones,” Dutton says.

There is noticeable excitement, and some stress, that comes with holiday shopping. That is especially true this year, since more families are getting together to feast than in the past two years.

Market Street store director Todd Hollingsworth says the store is ready for its customers. He’s also got some tips:

“The tips I have are to make sure you buy fresh turkey, not frozen turkey. It makes it taste better. It’s already thawed,” says Hollingsworth. “We have plenty of options like ‘ReadyMeals’… Sweet potatoes, we have a lot of options there.”

For shopper Mason Haynie, there’s no need for a list. He’s got just two items in hand.

“I got this meat thermometer and a pecan pie. Pecan pie is my favorite. I got some food cooking at the house,” he says.

But forget about Thanksgiving, Mason already has a lot on his plate. Because on top of preparing the food, he’s got another big task to check off.

“Me and my girlfriend, we plan to have our own little Thanksgiving. But I plan, downtown, to hopefully do an engagement proposal tonight, so I’m just trying to get the food ready, the pie ready,” Haynie says. “I know she’s going to say ‘Yes.’ I know she’s going to say ‘Yes.’ It’ll all work out.”

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