MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – From construction to now litter, driving through the streets of both Midland and Odessa has not been a pretty sight lately.

Doreen Womack, is the executive director of Keep Midland Beautiful finds it sad to see the amount of trash on the ground along Loop 250.

“It’s disappointing especially when you know where or feel like you know where its come from,” says Womack.

The mission of Keep Midland Beautiful is to educate and inspire people to help have a beautiful and clean Midland.

The first tip on trash clean up is to bag it, tie it, and trash it because trash can often times blow away.

“Whenever you discard trash that is either from you car or from your home be sure and tie those strings up because any trash that gets away from that container becomes litter that’s the definition of litter right there,” says Womack.

To keep both Midland and the Permian Basin beautiful she says it’s as simple as keeping a litter bag in your car or even helping out during a walk.

“Take a bag with you and pick up litter along the way those things are little things that can make a huge impact,” says Womack.

Rather than assuming that litter clean-up is someone else’s job, there is hope that comunity members will take the initiative to help.

“Close the lid that you do whatever that you can do personally for a clean beautiful midland its going to be a great year,” says Womack.